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All students in the Cincinnati area, public, private, and home schooled, are invited to join and do community service with The Bethany Group.  The majority of volunteers are students between the second and twelfth grades.  The Group can provide many opportunities for all students, as long as they want to volunteer.  Students with music or other performing art skills are welcome to participate in the music programs.  Music teachers are encouraged to introduce their students who want to volunteer to us.  However, students do not need to have musical skills to volunteer, because they can participate in other programs such as arts & crafts workshops, origami making, slide shows, rehabilitating houses for the homeless, and highway maintenance programs.

            Since The Bethany Group is recognized by the IRS as a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, we can credit each student volunteer’s effort with a Certificate of Recognition showing the number of hours the student has volunteered with the Group, as needed.  Therefore, not only the students can feel good about the good deeds they provide to others, but they can also use their effort with the Group to fulfill the community service requirements of their schools or other youth organizations such as the Girl Scouts.

            If you are interested in doing community services with The Bethany Group, or have needs you think the Group can fulfill, or would like to have more information about the Group, please contact David Trinh at Trinh@bethanygroup.org.